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Ashrafieh, Beirut

Makitou Day Spa, Independence Str. Chebli Bldg.3rd floor Sassine, Ashrafieh, Beirut

Phone: +9611334242
Mobile: +9611334949

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Makitou Day SPA
We at makitou understand the modern sophisticated lebanese pattern of life and are passionate about making you feel at ease with it. We believe that a change in your look and a continuous professional care can bring better adjustments into your life. We continually seek to provide our clientele with our top notch services. It is time for you to enjoy yourself, and leave the hectic and routine demands of your daily life. 
We consider each person very special to us. So, take a timeout to celebrate your beauty and heal yourself in order for you to spread your positive energy to the world. Relax and Value yourself more and more. Believe it or not this the most important task of the day, everything else can wait.
Take a lift and stop by, you will be well taking care of, benefiting from sincere advice about how you can show off your beauty.
It is a healing process that will influence all your choices. 
Stop postponing it!! We are waiting for you...





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