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THE HEALER Professional Asian Massage



Benefit from 35% Off Couple Massage Package (Couple Massage, Hot Stones and Hot Towels USD 110 instead of USD 170)



All Days - Reservation Required - 35% Off Couple Massage Package (Couple Massage, Hot Stones and Hot Towels USD 110 instead of USD 170) - 75 Minutes Treatment

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The Healer Professional Asian Massage, Slav el Aarid street, Jean Michael Center, 2nd floor, Dekweneh, Maten District

Phone: +9613026633

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The Healer Professional Asian Massage
‚ÄčAre you feeling tired, spending too much time behind the desk? Working hard but can't find time to enjoy and relax. Treat yourself or your loved ones today. Treatments are the following: Thai Yoga Massage - Dry Cupping Therapy (Ancient Chinese Medicine) -Foot/Reflexology Massage -Holistic Reiki healing -Thai Oil Massage (a combination of stretching, pressure points and relaxing oil massage)
Our life-enhancing massage services will help you unwind and pamper yourself. Skilled in the art of relaxation and rejuvenation therapy, we will physically, mentally, and spiritually transform you.
Our aim: to bring you a safe, positive, and beneficial environment and experience that you will remember and want to relive again. We are more than a spa; we are a therapeutic center, releasing you from the problems and issues probing your mind and body.
We will tailor each session to maximize its effectiveness by basing it on your needs and conditions and successful case studies we catered. However, we cannot help you unless you help yourself. Be your own caretaker.
Make an appointment for one of our incredible massage services, be consistent, and notice an overall improvement in your health and mental well-being.
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