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Baytna Restaurant - Barouk - بيتنا


  Casual Dining, Lebanese & Oriental Cuisine

Buy Four for the Price of Three - Lebanese Formula Meal



All Days - Reservation Required - Applicable to Lebanese Set Menu Formulas (L.L 140.000, 160.000 and 180.000)

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Baytna Restaurant, Barouk Main Str. next to Main Roundabout, Al Barouk, Chouf District

Phone: +9615240540
Mobile: +9613841456

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Baytna Restaurant
Baytna Restaurant is a patrimonial restaurant located in Al Barouk village. It is situated in the vicinity of the Barouk River overlooking the Cedars Forest.
It is distinguished for its traditional setting in the arched Lebanese building dating back to around 200 years.
Baytna provides food service in winter and summer in a romantic calm atmosphere, and proudly presents the finest oriental and occidental dishes.
Location:One of the most extraordinarily charming touristic sites in Lebanon, Baytna is located in Barouk village, in the Chouf region of Lebanon (1000-1250). The village is well-known from old times for being the land of abundance, primarily because of its famous waterfall (Nabeh-Al-Barouk). In Barouk was born Rashid Nakhleh, the prince of Zajal and the writer of the Lebanese National Anthem. Moreover, Barouk is recognized for its distinguished fruits, including but not limited to best quality apple, and for its many forests such as pine and oak forests, the trees that are widely known in Lebanon too.
Barouk is crowned by its mountain Jabal El Barouk situated 2221m above sea level.
The mountain is honored by having the biggest reserve in Lebanon, the Chouf Cedar Reserve, and contains the oldest and most elegant Cedar trees in Lebanon Cidrus Libani. This forest, along with other cedar forests, constitute what is known as 'The Cedars of the Lord Arz El Rab.
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM





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