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The Kitchen Bar - Cooking Academy


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Sin el Fil

The Kitchen Bar - Cooking Academy, Kaline Center, 1st Floor (Studio Star Academy), Horsh Tabet, Sin El Fil, Maten District

Phone: +96176724253

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The Kitchen Bar - Cooking Academy 
The Kitchen Bar offers a wide variety of cooking, wine tasting and dining etiquette classes in an interactive and fun way.
Born out of passion for the culinary world and the love for food, The Kitchen Bar is the gathering place for food lovers of all ages. The Kitchen Bar offers a variety of different cooking classes, designed to suit men and women of all ages and of different cooking experience, through a hands-on approach that allows students to learn under the supervision of renowned Chefs. Whether to learn how to cook from scratch or enhance a specific culinary experience or just to meet new people who share the same passions, The Kitchen Bar is the gathering place to be!
From cooking classes to private and corporate events and catering, The Kitchen Bar offers a one stop shop for food lovers to enhance their skills, engage with various chefs and learn how to cook their favorite dishes in an interactive and fun way. The extensive range of possibilities The Kitchen Bar has to offer is endless and continues to grow with each and every dish born out of the love for food.





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