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Ashrafieh, Beirut

Black Suit EMS, Iskandar Hobeich, Matar Bldg, 3rd floor, Geitaoui, Ashrafieh, Beirut

Phone: +96170071107


Black Suit EMS, Casino Piscine Aley Str. Aley City, Aley District

Phone: +96170071107

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BlackSuit EMS
BlackSuit EMS is a studio based on JustFit Technologies. EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. It has been used for medical and rehabilitation purposes for a long time, and in the early 2000s, the world of fitness also discovered its immense possibilities.
Justfit is not only a tool for working out, Justfit is a way of life: the up to date, health-conscious people’s lifestyle. It’s known for its innovative, future-oriented attitude, dedicated to living a full life.
Justfit brought you the first wireless EMS training technology in 2013. BlackSuit EMS is one of many studios they managed to open worldwide where you can work out with this unbelievably effective technology.
Work out with Justfit EMS and you’ll see you can change anything!
EMS directly stimulates our deep muscles thus deceiving our body’s natural reactions and training almost 100% of our musculature.
It is a training that includes all body parts, since the device is able to stimulate every muscle group at once.
It is a static training type; that is when isometric contractions are proportionately higher.
This results in short but very intense sessions (aprx. 10-20 min.)
Agonist and antagonist muscles are trained at the same time; therefore, every exercise strengthens the iso-metrically contracted muscle. Electrodes are placed on a slightly impregnated cotton dress, making them very hygienic. How to impregnate electrodes/dress: this creates a steady resistance (Mason/Mackay 1976). The big size of the electrodes reduces current density and activates a substantial part of the muscles.
Muscle training is absolutely necessary! Why?
In old times muscle strength was necessary for subsistence. Nowadays, we are much less required to use our muscles on a daily basis. In our daily lives our bodies are practically used without any physical workload. That is despite the fact that it is essential to preserve muscle strength as all body movement requires the contraction of muscles. It is important to be aware that after the age of 30, every ten years the human body loses 15% of its muscle mass and this reduction of muscle strength leads to slow muscular dystrophy. After the age of 50 muscle strength decreases even more rapidly, and by the age of 70 it will be as low as 30%. (
What happens when there is a lack of muscle strength?
Deterioration of muscle tone causes the loss of arterial elasticity
Stiffness, muscle spasms, restricted movement path
Increasing load on inactive locomotive organs
Tendency to apply comfortable body postures
Balance disorder
Deterioration of general well-being
Slower metabolic rate might cause overweight
Different disk problems cause back pains
A sedentary lifestyle and the lack of exercise causes pains
Building up muscle strength is a complex task that requires the restoration of metabolic processes and stamina.
How did we achieve this goal until now?
By weight lifting to build up muscle strength, here the essential thing is to put load on each muscle group and apply muscle strength to the maximum extent possible, that is from 50 to 100%
By doing sports where you gradually work up your endurance and on average blood circulation is under pres-sure for 30 minutes either in a low or medium pulse range in order to strengthen the cardiovascular system
A Europe-wide statistics showed that as little as 8% of the population in Europe pursue a physically active lifestyle. Most common excuses among the remaining 92% were the followings:
Lack of time 
Lack of motivation if unsuccessful
Pain, injury and other physical limitations
These excuses are no longer valid now that the Justfit EMS System is here!
Justfit training consists of 2 twenty-minute sessions per week
Immediate and visible changes on your body thanks to the Justfit EMS technology
Efficiently applicable in the case of injuries and pains
Justfit is a form of muscle stimulation applied on the entire body
Justfit training is based on low frequency electric muscle stimulation. An external electronic impulse complements the willingly induced muscle contractions.
Positive effects of Justfit EMS technology:
You can save a lot of time since a session is only 20-25 minutes long when all muscles are working at the same time
The most effective way to burn calories and is the fastest way to achieve an optimal body fat percentage
Each exercise can be performed perfectly thanks to the impulses coming from the electrodes fitting exactly the shape of the body
Electric impulse directly targets the muscles, thereby releasing load on the joints • Back problems caused by weak stabilizing muscles can be relieved by strengthening spinal muscles
The weakest parts of the body can perfectly be strengthened too as external stimulation enhances muscle balance to a great extent
Stimulation of stabilizing muscles in deeper levels help to enhance well-being and improve body posture
Muscle pump helps to fight cellulite and provides better blood supply for tissues surrounding the muscle
Provides an effective solution against osteoporosis as the leverage effect of the tendons on the bones arising from the fact that muscles are being trained will result in stronger muscles
Justfit EMS technology:
This discreet, tailor-made training program provides physical load on the entire musculature, while the actual muscle resistance is not apparent from outside.
Ashrafieh Branch Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 06:30 AM to 09:00 AM and 03:00 to 10:00 PM - Saturday 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Aley Branch Opening Hours: Wednesday 06:30 to 10:00 PM - Saturday 04:00 PM to 10:00 PM





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