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All Days - (From the Breakfast & Brunch, Fresh Salads and Sandwiches) - Excluding Offers, Promotions & Drinks

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Caspresso, ABC Mall Verdun, LG, Verdun, Beirut

Phone: +9611797797

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Caspresso Cafe
The Caspresso Cafe offers many delicious choices from coffee, sandwiches, salads, desserts & ice creams. Caspresso is very convenient to those who are looking for a quick break from their shopping spree. Caspresso Cafe by By Casper & Gambini's
The Coffee
Since the beginning, it’s always been a love affair with coffee.
Ever wondered why our coffee is so tasty? We locally air roast our in-house specialty coffee beans, and are proud to have been the first to do so.
Remember your first cup of latte art? Way back in 1998 Casper & Gambini’s introduced it to Lebanon and the region starting with the rosetta design.
Was the millennium all that you hoped for? It was for us when the Specialty Coffee Association gave our coffee the 2000 TOPS Award for Excellence and the Golden Cup Award.
Ever visited the capital city of espresso? In 2005 we were there, at Trieste’s World Barista Championship and winning fifth place.
What makes a great barista? We like to think we know, and winning the 2007 Mediterranean Barista Championship certainly makes us think so.
So just how good is the coffee? Well in 2013, Casper & Gambini’s won the Best European Coffee Blend, and not forgetting we also won the Lebanese Coffee Championship seven years in a row.
So what’s next? A brand new sensation for 2017, introducing the first Caspresso espresso capsules, bringing the Casper & Gambini’s passion for coffee ever closer to you. 
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM






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