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All Days - Reservation Required - Weekly Hiking Schedule Available

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Sin el Fil

Promax, Gibran Khalil Gibran Str. GF, Sin El Fil, Maten District

Phone: +9613955642

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About ProMax
ProMax promotes health through Wellness and Creative activities.
It is our hope that employees and individuals connect with nature, ​become dynamic members of their communities and achieve a heightened sense of well-being.​
ProMax is committed to providing services of superior quality and value to the clients, now and for days to come. At ProMax, successful partnerships require a respect for diversity, the environment and sustainability, and we seek those values in our Company, business partners and supplier
​​Shaping the future by building active ​communities to improve psychological and biological health, interpersonal relationships and ones bond with nature, all while having fun
Healthy and interdependent community bonded with nature
Hiking In Lebanon
Sundays hikes: Hiking in Lebanon is a highly invigorating and fun outdoor activity that people of different fitness levels, ages, backgrounds are practicing on Sundays. 
Hiking groups can comprise from 20 to 120 people and are a great way to escape the crowd of the city, to network, meet new people and make new friends, all this while getting out of the confines of your four walls, and getting to know the true Green Lebanon. Hike with ProMax and stay healthy while breaking your daily routine; your body and mind will thank you for it.
Join ProMax with your family on Sundays
Every week, usually on Sundays, families join ProMax from different Lebanese regions to enjoy the nature and educate their kids indirectly on how to love and live through nature.
Are you a family member and you would like to plan for your holidays or weekends?
Check out the hiking trail levels and the program details by calling us!
Night Hike Lebanon: Night hikes with ProMax provide a new type of sensual experience: your mind works differently in the night time and you will find yourself focusing more and using your body differently.  Moonlight hikes are usually shorter in distance than the usual hiking trips, but still provide fitness and fat burning benefits, while getting back to the roots of natural living.
Snowshoeing Lebanon
Winter season has always a special emotional and physical flavor with ProMax. Families, friends, foreigners and co-workers, join our snowshoeing events organized all over Lebanon.Every destination will give you a different feeling.We invite you to join our green and white wellness culture on Sundays. Either you are travelling to Lebanon or you are Lebanese, ProMax takes you to the wild undiscovered destinations in Lebanon. Snowshoeing events are the most popular winter activities. We invite you to join us every Sunday.
Rafting Lebanon 
ProMax provides one of the most memorable adventure activities in Lebanon: rafting. Our professional and highly competent team offers you training, supervision, and assistance for an unforgettable and safe experience. Rafting trips include photographs of your adventure, as well as changing rooms for all participants.
Fitness Assessment
Pretesting: In order to create a comprehensive evaluation leading up to an individualized training program, we have made sure to design a personal fitness assessment that will allow you to have a program planned and ready to implement for your second appointment.
Why testing is important: There are several reasons to perform exercise testing. The first is to assess risk. 
Testing will also provide us with the information that will help us develop a program to meet your needs in a more individualized way. We will be able to see where each person s strengths and weaknesses lie and what you need to work on. 
The fitness assessment at ProMax includes: Anthropometric tests: height, weight, and the circumference of certain body parts, Body composition analysis, Blood pressure, Resting heart rate, Cardiovascular endurance, Muscular: endurance, balance, resistance, strength, and flexibility. Time needed: 75 minutes. Booking: Kindly book your Personal fitness assessment  two days in advance by calling ProMax.
What does the examinee follow for accurate Body Composition Analysis?
Measure with an empty stomach, Measure 2 hours after a meal, Measure after urination and excretion, Do not take a shower before measurement, Do not measure while taking a diuretic, Avoid having measurement during menstrual period,Measurement should be done before mid-day.
What to bring?  Running shoes, Fitness outfit, Big and small towel and Extra T-shirt.





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