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Lebanese Marine & Wildlife Museum - متحف الحياة البرية والبحرية


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Lebanese Marine & Wildlife Museum, Jeita Grotto Road, Jeita, Keserwan District

Phone: +9619222054
Mobile: +9613246317

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Lebanese Marine & Wildlife Museum
Containing more than 2000 species and over 5000 specimens of marine and wildlife, the Lebanese Marine and Wildlife Museum contains the largest collection of mummified sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, fossils, birds, reptiles, and mammals, in addition to a handful of unknown deep sea creatures from in and around the Mediterranean.
The museum is a great destination for kids and families looking to explore the natural wonders of Lebanon. You will first encounter the predators that roam Lebanon's forests from wolves and hyenas to foxes and badgers. Up next you will enter the forest showcasing all of Lebanon’s birds, and after that the desert exhibit, where numerous reptiles dwell. Going even further you will witness the most elegant and mesmerizing of corals, sea stars, and sea shells. Last but not least, your jaws will be on the floor as you come face to face with over 40 shark species, dolphins, and hundreds of fish specimens of which you've never seen in your life, all found in the huge marine exhibit.
For its distinguishable work, the museum has been Lebanon's most important eco group, and works in collaboration with international and regional such as the Shark Trust, Shark Conservation Society, Ocean le graph De Monaco, and many others in order to study and protect marine and wildlife.
The museum aims to spread knowledge and awareness through introducing visitors to the natural wonders of the Mediterranean basin in one single location.





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