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Beirut Downtown

Buzz Play Park, Beirut Souks, Souk El Arwam, 1st Floor, Central District, Beirut

Phone: +96181818149

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Buzz Play Park
An unforgettable BUZZ experience!!!!
Buzz Play Park® is a soft structured indoor play space specifically built to accommodate kids of all ages with a dedicated safe area for toddlers. Buzz Play Park® offers a variety of games, facilities and activities such as trampolines of different types, slides, rides, climbing walls, Ninja Jungle and ball pits. These fun play elements will engage your child’s sense of direction, motor skills and coordination talents. It is the ultimate amusement place for toddlers, kids and teens alike. So come join us for great fun!
Buzz Play Park® is perfect for birthday parties, group events, social gatherings and more!
Management: Seasoned experts in the field of kids and sports entertainments since 1998. They enjoy over 20 years of first-hand experience in creating and executing environment-friendly family activities
Operation Team: Professionals in the field of child care. Experienced in kids leisure and entertainment. Friendly, patient and creative.
Toddlers Area: Our Toddler Area is for children who walk, from 2 to 5 years old, and their parents or guardians. To ensure great and safe experiences for our youngest guests, older children (including siblings) are not allowed in the Toddler Area. Our Toddler Area gives little ones the chance to create their own special adventures as they walk, run, and explore a play area that’s made just for them. The area is designed in such a way that toddlers can come can make a mess, run, jump and hide freely and safely. Our friendly and well trained staff are on ground and very attentive from an appropriate distance to swiftly help parent and guardians when needed.
Maintaining a hygienic environment is a top priority. Hence, all play equipment provided to children are taken care of and our hygiene policy is compliant with the EU Hygiene Intervention Standards: starting with the hand sanitation which we oblige all participant to abide by to the ongoing sterilization of the floors, facilities, toys, and equipment.
Trampoline: Trampolines are a great way to entertain the children. Kids can’t get enough of Free style jumps. It increases motor skills in addition to aerobic and cardio vascular activity. Jumping on a trampoline provides less stress on muscles and joints, and helps improve flexibility, allowing muscles and joints to bend and move easily through their full range of motion. While rebounding you are also engaging the lymphatic system to be more active. It is indeed a fun activity that kids adore, but it also has medical benefits; It drains all excess power and wears the surplus energy out and help children sleep well at night.
Climbing Frame: At Buzz Play Park® we provide an opportunity for your child to have a taste of rock climbing in a fun and well-protected environment, thus gaining a few extra benefits as well. It Increases Strength, Endurance and Flexibility. Climbing is probably one of the best total body workouts available. It strengthens your child’s arms, legs and core as well as helps them develop strong lean muscles. Teaches Hand, Feet and Eye Coordination. In order to successfully complete their climb, Children have to look, plan and coordinate their hands and feet to get to their chosen spot. The coordination skills a child develops through this process can be transferred to many other aspects of life, including other sports.Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem. Standing at the bottom of a climbing Frame for the first time can a bit scary for a child. However, by slowly making their way up, step by step, they will overcome their fear and boost their self-esteem, even if they don’t make it to the top in the beginning. Increases Abilities for Problem Solving, Planning and Decision Making. There is more than one way to get to the top and many possible routes to choose from. your child will have to decide their next best move. At first they will probably make their decisions with precaution and reluctance, but eventually they will start to visualize a route all the way to the top with just their first few steps. This is helpful to build a child’s planning and problem solving abilities.
It is a Stress Relief. When facing a climbing wall, the children need to be fully focused, which requires to wash away all outside influences and leave their head clear and ready to concentrate on the task at hand.
Safety Policy
Safety: Our check-in/check-out system ensures all children are matched to their respective accompanying adult. Both are given unique wristbands and checked by our dedicated staff when entering and exiting the play park. Children can only leave with the adult they entered with, unless otherwise instructed by the latter.
Hygiene: Our park is cleaned repeatedly throughout the day and thoroughly each evening, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment for our guests. Everyone is required to remove their shoes and wear socks inside the park premises in order to maintain the safety of our guests and the quality of the equipment.
Order: Our play attendants are stationed throughout the park to ensure the safety of all guests. They regulate the equipment capacity, maintain order and play alongside the guests.
Rules & Regulations:
Any child BELOW 5 YEARS entering into the Playspace must be ACCOMPANIED by a parent or guardian AT ALL TIMES.
PARENT/GUARDIAN will assume full RESPONSIBILITY for the SUPERVISION, SAFETY, and CONDUCT of the CHILD while on the Buzz Play Park premises.
A LIMIT OF THREE (3) TODDLERS can be accompanied by ADULT. ALL ADULTS AND CHILDREN MUST WEAR SOCKS WHILE IN THE PLAYSPACE. Socks are available for purchase at the premises. Outdoor footwear is prohibited in the Playspace. Buzz Play Park supervising staff reserves the right to deny anyone entry at the Playspace if they do not have the proper footwear. In compliance with Hygiene Intervention Standards, ALL GUESTS and CHILDREN without exception SHOULD APPLY SANITIZING SOLUTION provided at the gates before entering the Playspace. ILL CHIDREN OR THOSE WITH COMMUNICABLE MEDICAL CONDITION ARE NOT ALLOWED. Buzz Play Park reserves the right to restrict and refuse a child’s admission if the Buzz Play Park supervising staff determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, the child is ill OR presents a risk to the health or wellbeing of others. While on Buzz Play Park premises, Parent/guardian and children will CONDUCT themselves in a MANNER that does NOT THREATEN the health, wellbeing or full enjoyment of others. NO ROUGH PLAY OR FIGHTING while on the Playspace or Buzz Play Park premises. Buzz Play Park does not tolerate bullying, fighting, rough/horse play and reserves the right to RESTRICT ACCESS to any individual involved in bullying, fighting, rough play and/or disrespecting others. In the event Buzz Play Park supervising staff determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, an individual is acting in violation of this policy, such individual (and, if applicable, his/her/their parent(s), guardian(s), and/or child(ren)) will be asked to exit the premises and will not be entitled to a refund of any amounts incurred in connection with the Activities, including admission to Buzz Play Park and/or other Activity-related fees. Buzz Play Park will make reasonable efforts to monitor and RESERVES THE RIGHT to LIMIT THE NUMBER of people who occupy any area of Buzz Play Park. NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE, including gum and candy, may be brought into the Playspace. Please restrict all food and beverages to the lounge area or, when attending a birthday party, the event area. Buzz Play Park is a NUT FREE FACILITY. Please do not bring or consume on premises any nuts or products that contain nuts. Please RESPECT THE EQUIPMENT , the TOYS, and OTHERS. No SHARP or GLASS objects are allowed in the Playspace or Buzz Play Park premises. NO TOYS are allowed in the Playspace. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES AND PERSONAL BELONGINGS UNATTENDED. Buzz Play Park is NOT RESPONSIBLE for LOSS, THEFT or DAMAGE of any personal belonging. Buzz Play Park reserves the right to open and close the premises or any portion of the Playspace in its sole and absolute discretion. Posted hours are subject to change without prior notice for construction, maintenance, special events, holidays, or other purposes. We accept Visa/Mastercard, American Express, and Cash. No personal checks are accepted.
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM





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