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Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort, Damour Main Entrance, Seaside, Damour, Chouf District

Phone: +9615602656
Mobile: +9613367777

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Janna Sur Mer Resort
Who doesn’t need some downtime to relax and unwind? You’ll be pampered with luxury at Janna Sur Mer- the best Tropical Beach Resort in Lebanon. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this 5-star resort in Damour – Lebanon boasts 2 international restaurants, Jacuzzi bars, Pool bar, three outdoor wedding venues and a beach Hotel. In short, Janna Sur Mer is a tropical-themed beach resort with 6 pools for you to enjoy and relax.
It also features exclusive and luxurious bungalows (small villa) equipped with Pool or Jacuzzi. To relax, guests can enjoy a swim in the infinity pool or practice water sports. Janna Beach Hotel- is a “Preferred Customer” at
Janna Sur Mer is famous for housing various bungalows designs from different areas of the world like America, Hawaii and eastern Asia. Our bungalows differentiate and distinguish themselves with their unique styles and built; an all wood design and a tropical design both with their private pools overlooking the sea as well as other styles that prioritizes privacy. Each bungalow can host up to 3 family members (2 adults and a child). In addition, our pampered guests have access to the VIP pool (+18) and the Island pool including all the amenities available.
At Janna, we have a special package for honeymooner that includes lodging at an exotic bungalow with a private pool, a romantic dinner, and breakfast in bed. The bungalow will be decorated with flowers and candles as well as the romantic dinner which is set on the Beach at Sunset.The Romantic dinner will be highlighted with Janna’s exquisite dinner on the sand decorated by flowers and lit up with countless candles and lanterns to ensure a romantic evening. The romantic dinner is a four-course dinner for two with a complimentary wine to top it all off. The menu includes a choice of salads and a shrimp appetizers platter and your choice of main dish (steak, chicken, or salmon) and finally Fruits.
Janna Sur Mer Resort is a 5 stars Boutique Hotel lies on the front of the beach in Damour, an ancient Lebanese village renowned for its excellent ecotourism traits. The resort offers air-conditioned wooden bungalows with a balcony overlooking the sea. Guests at Janna Sur Mer can relax at their private pool or on the sun terrace. Also, our guest can swim in our gigantic pools which includes the VIP Pool, the Jacuzzi bar, and many other amenities.





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